Produced in New Zealand using fair trade & organic ingredients from Bali & Java


My name is Glenys Almao, creator of Cocodeli products. Whilst travelling in Indonesia I discovered spice-infused granulated coconut nectar. Javanese farmers tap the flower spikes of the coconut palm to harvest the nectar. Within an hour of harvest, this raw nectar is kettle-boiled along with the spices over an open hearth fire and evaporated to produce a sugar unlike any other—subtly sweet with a caramel quality, a low GI of 35, and high nutrient value. Both the nectar and spices are organic, fair trade and sustainably farmed.

The enterprising farmers and their simple, delicious product inspired me to create the Cocodeli range of drizzles back home in Greytown, New Zealand. I’m often asked “what should you do with them?” A million things. They’ll enhance both sweet and savoury creations. Their uses are limited only by your imagination. Here are a few recipes and ideas to get you started. I look forward to hearing of your inspirational ideas for using them.